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Search engine optimization (SEO) basics

13 Sep 2006
 written by Cristina Mailat | in: SEO services

The majority of internet traffic is driven through search engines. Almost all internet browsers use search engines on a regular basis and if your website is there, that’s more than a bonus, it’s imperative to the success or failure of your business. Furthermore, if you’re tucked away on the thirty-second search page under your key search terms, how are your possibly going to survive?

The problem with search engines is that everyone who knows anything about doing business online has already beaten you to it and the search engine listings are full of their websites. How can you compete with that, without spending an absolute fortune?

Well, with Submit Suite, it’s actually not as hard as you may think. The search engine ranking criteria are kept completely secret from the world. Devised by top mathematicians using complex formula and algorithms, it is literally impossible to weigh up all the relevant factors without some knowledge. However, there are steps that can be taken to ensure a website is as “search engine friendly” as possible and there are known ways of improving search engine rankings which don’t require a great deal of effort.

That’s where Submit Suite come in, we have the experience and technical savvy to improve search engine rankings with any site. One of the main ways in which we achieve our optimisation goals is by creating an elaborate linking network.

Our studies, along with common industry thinking have shown that increasing relevant links to a website improves its search engine ranking. This is because in the eyes of the search engine, the website seems to be more relevant to more people and so should be more accessible than less relevant websites under certain search terms.

With Submit Suite, you have the opportunity to build these crucial links to your website, from proven sources, using the expert knowledge we have acquired over the years. And what’s more, you can achieve all this without having to learn the process for yourself, or hiring a highly expensive optimisation professional.

Choose Submit Suite for your optimisation, to ensure long-term results and increase your website traffic without breaking the bank.

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