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Firefox LogoFirefox is for a SEO researcher not only a simple browser. It is a SEO tool which is making your optimization work easier, your browsing will be enriched with small SEO options like watching your competitors. If you want to use a desktop application to watch parameters of a website optimization you can useWebsite Popularity or you can use your Firefox browser:

Here is bellow my list of Firefox plugins which are helping me on the SEO work or on checking some parameters for a website, for bloging etc: (more…)

The majority of internet traffic is driven through search engines. Almost all internet browsers use search engines on a regular basis and if your website is there, that’s more than a bonus, it’s imperative to the success or failure of your business. Furthermore, if you’re tucked away on the thirty-second search page under your key search terms, how are your possibly going to survive? (more…)