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Matt Cutts is answering your SEO questions

29 May 2009
 written by Cristina Mailat | in: SEO news, SEO videos

google-matt-cutttsMatt Cutts is maybe the most popular member of Google WebSpam team, with strong relations in the SEO community. He is responsible fo the Search Quality Google in Google. He has also the reputation of being the one trying to promote the Google Webmaster rules. Matt wrote also the first version of SafeSearch, the family frienldy Google filter.

He has also the reputation of not telling the whole side of the story. Because of the nature of his job he is probably forced to keep away from our ears some “details”. Bellow you can find some of the interviews and Q&A sessions with Matt Cutts.

Answers related to on-page SEO and website structure:

Answers related to Search Engine Optimization:

Answers related to urls-s:

Answers related to Google Analytics:

Answers related to social media:

Answers related with the way Google is indexing your website:

Answers related to canonical rel:

Answers related to other Google products:

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3 comments to “Matt Cutts is answering your SEO questions”

  1. how can raise my page rank ?

  2. Dear Matt,

    I am reading your blog and recently joined youtube channel as well. The tips you give are invaluable sometimes.

    I couldn’t find much certain answers regarding my html coding questions so I am hoping that you maybe will have a chance to answer it in blog or video.

    The question is in short: table vs div html elements in layout coding and their affect on SEO. Is there any difference coding non tabular data, in other words layout of the page (blocks) in table html elements from SEO point of view?

    Thank you for your time

    Kind regards


  3. J.Hernandez - Agencia de traducción


    You don´t need to rise your page rank to promote your website. In fact, the page rank is only 1 criteria for google and not the most important factor to rate a site. The most important factor is the quantity and quality of your backlinks.
    Don´t pay too much attention to the PR, just to the backlinks your website has.
    Sometimes you can see for a given search keyword a lower page ranked site placed better than a higher page ranked site, why? because page rank is not all what you need.

    I am not Matt Cutts but believe me

    Best regards

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