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First news about Press Release Submitter

21 May 2009
 written by Cristina Mailat | in: SEO software

press-release-submitter-logoMaybe you asked yourself why this long silence. Well, on Twitter we announced 2 new applications in Submit Suite. For the first of them the time is arrived. The application is named Press Release Submitter, a software for press release submission.

Press Release Submitter has a database which is already used in our press release distribution service. At the moment we have 15.000 media contacts from US, later we will add also German, Spanish, French and Romanian media contacts.

The application will be easy to use, in the line of Article Submitter or Website Submitter. Some of functionalities will be:

  1. language detection and spam filter (a press release in German canot be send to a english contact)
  2. the possibility to filter the media contacts based on complex selections, categories, TV, radio, magazines etc
  3. The PR sending is done using SMTP ( support + SSL), with defined delay time between sending
  4. Editing capabilities for the database of media contacts (import, blocking contacts etc)

Here are bellow 2 images with Press Release Submitter (eta 01.07.2009, the estimation price will be 279$ ).

2 comments to “First news about Press Release Submitter”

  1. The Press Release Submitter looks very promising. However I wonder whether a spinning possibility is not a feature one has to think about, avoiding to have the same content delivered to each medium contact.

    If you’re looking for a dutch translator (in case you’re willing to make a translation of the software into dutch – 20 000 000 people – ) I’m your man.

  2. Hmmmm. Just as richard said earlier, this seems to be a really useful software. But before anything, I’d like to know if are there any special syntaxes to know?

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