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Since the Google Page Rank Update from 26.10.2007 I have detect some major changes in the way the Page Rank is distributed over the directories from the Website Submitter. I have run some comparison in my tests.

Number of directories: 3574
Directories type: free, paid, reciprocal, regional

Before Google PR update After Google PR update
PR0 357 1207
PR1 116 328
PR2 376 636
PR3 922 704
PR4 1009 453
PR5 517 172
PR6 204 56
PR7 47 14
PR8 23 4
PR9 2 0
PR10 1 0

You can observe based on the date before the Google update and after a big difference between the way Google PR is distributed over these directories. Infact we can call it a downgrade, the number of directories with PR0 before the Google PR update was 357, after the PR update the number increased to 1207. I have displayed bellow in a graphical mode the distribution of the new Google PR and the PR fluctuations.

Google PR fluctuations graph 2

Google PR fluctuations graph 1

Google PR for directories before PR update

Google PR for directories after PR update

37 comments to “How Google Page Rank update is affecting the directories?”

  1. Is this with a automated system? I don’t think it’s true.

  2. Interesting statistics, personally I think this PR update is just a random walk, at the moment PR is just a useless benchmark for quality.

  3. – storny: I do not understand your question.
    – Red Pine: Indeed PR is a sign sometimes of quality but is quite a criteria to take in consideration for various considerations. For example at in a link building campaign you should consider the Google PR one of your important criterias.

  4. Interesting. I think the stats are credible. Great work!

  5. Great bit of work, I don’t know what crap redpines is coming out with as his PR6 for is clearly a fake representation based on archived and registration details.

    – Cristina, Redpines is an expample of someone who bought a high PR domain then plonked a directory on it in the hope of bullshitting people.

  6. LOL well Red Pines was built on a dropped domain that had pr3, and it’s a directory for more than 1 year, if you do a little research you will see it won the PHPLD directory of month more than 1 year ago ( As I stated I really don’t give PR that much importance.

  7. Good analysis. My take is this is G’s attempt at trying to level the playing field for all directories, presumably to dissuade PR hunters. I’d like to think they got it right but when I see one of my directories that has not really been promoted and has a couple of hundred outbound links rocket from PR0 to PR6 I get suspicious…

  8. This is some great stats here. Very useful to be used.
    Well I have seen some posts now stating that though their PR and come down to 0 (ZERO), the link backs would still be helpful for ranking higher on other search engines. Does it really ?

  9. Each search engine has an own algorithm. What Google is seeing as spam can be seen by Yahoo as an allowed technique.

  10. What are the alog’s of other search engines. A lot has been written about Google. What does one do for ranking higher on msn, yahoo, etc.

  11. Dan,
    I see you are coming from directory-owners forum that has the notorious distinction of not promoting directories but asingle agend on hand – destroying the industry. This is very much evident on DP.
    What redpines got is the correct algo with google. Those who promotted too much got the boot from G and those who are making it slow and natural are getting some results. Nothing evil on th part of redpines owners.

  12. A very interesting report. I am glad that fellow romanian webmasters are doing such a job.

  13. hi,
    can u provide me with the list of free or paid directories?

  14. Thank you Mihai for your words, check also this Romanian blog post which is analyzing the Romanian directories also:

    BHaloo, the list for which I have done the study contains 3500 directories and is included in the last version 2.0 from Website Submitter:

  15. Dear,
    I also can’t understand the Google PR Algorithm as well as his Calculation! I am also DROPPED DOWN TO PR1-PR0!

    But just see this site having no usefull content & his PR3 still standing to
    & please have a look on the inner pages of the said site & see the Google PR Calculation!!!

    I am sure you can able to see another falk link of this website!!!

    With Best,
    B Biswanath.

  16. Great work. Perhaps this is just another sign that Google rules the web! Alternatively, maybe they’ve caught up with the people who’ve been using directories only to gain a better PR – I don’t know. I do know that with my brand new articles directory at, I’m disappointed by the number of people who blatantly abuse the opportunity to post genuinely useful articles. I receive so much keyword-rich material posing as an ‘article’: often there’s no author’s name…just the link to a website. Very naughty (and annoying).

  17. I agree, fantastic post and thankfully my directory was not hit, however I don’t sell links on it, so that may have helped.

    I believe it is Goggles way to stop people buying there way to the top, the interesting thing though is, what will happen next time? I would imagine a slight readjustment and perhaps a gradual straight line down from PR0 through to 8.

  18. Chris - Drug-Aware

    Without looking at each directory’s PR move you can’t be sure, but the data makes it look like google is leveling all PR down, because web sites are all gathering links like crazy…

    For example, maybe it used to take say 200 backlinks to be PR3, but after the update it takes say 500? (I know one way, reciprocal, relevance, trust, etc all plays a part).

    Or is it that all directories are receiving a lower PR because webmasters are using them like link farms, so google gives them less weight to pass on?

  19. I think Pagerank is for ‘entertainment’ as stated by Matt Cutts of Google somewhere I read.

    My came down some weeks ago from PR5 to PR0, yet it is still in the top-10.

    My site, 2 days less than 2 months old (operational on Oct 9, 2007) is top-10 for 2 phrases though the pagerank in the browser shows grayed.

  20. kinda weird, all of a sudden this week I got a PR 0 after all this time I’ve been getting PR3…

  21. Interesting stats . From an SEO point of view still think directory submission is worthwhile

  22. Hi,
    Fantastic post. My website is also dropped down from PR3 to PR2…

  23. Search Engine Optimisation

    This is a great article, while I personally believe others are too worried about their PR I appreciate your statistics.

  24. Page rank I think what is displayed is so far off the mark

  25. Search Engine Optimisation

    while directory submission has its merits it is not the shanizlle. as they say content is king

  26. pagerank is dead

  27. If is like you said why Matt Cutts is taking time to announce it on 24 July in ?

  28. My site is previously PR1 and trying to increase it but when the update happened it was down to PR0.

  29. I have found a new article directory

    Good for creating backlink.

  30. I do not know if Google updates the pagerank, but I already has over 1 years with a PR4, every time Google does not put it more difficult to attract visitors to our site, Google wants all the web traffic for them, is not just be left to compete and I am trying to get by with Google Adsense.Pero really earn a pittance if you have it 5 to attract more visitors.


  31. Google updated the toolbar page rank again on 2 April 2009.This time they filtered more back links. Previously i have around 70 now i have just 10 back links left for my site But site rank well on all top keywords. It seems google backlinks scheme updated too. It still loves article links as i did for my site.

  32. i got some backlinks from pr 6 sites my my pr is still 0 . how can i increase it

  33. nice article on page rank update, and also this time page rank is updated in month of October 2009. Hope it will brings good news to webmasters/ website owners…..

  34. interesting stat which software has been used?

  35. I dont get it, if a site has a high pr than your site then how does it make your site higher?

  36. pagerank is dead .Trust rank active.

  37. Pagerank is definitely not dead, but i must say it doesn’t have the same impact, as it used to… Nowadays there are tons of web pages with pr0 or N/A ranking on Page1 of Google!

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