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Free eBook TALK Social Media for Small Business

25 Nov 2008
 written by Cristina Mailat | in: SEO books

LET’S TALK Social Media for Small BusinessJohn Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing launched a free eBook named LET’S TALK Social Media for Small Business.

The small ebook is produced in partnership with Microsoft Office Live Small Business and is aimed to small businesses. The book touches the following themes: What is Social Media?, Case Study: They don’t use social media in my industry, Blogging“ The front door to social media, Case Study: Blogging Customer Stories, RSS , Social search, Social bookmarking, Social networks.

I will quote also the author conclusion:

As you can see, when technology is leveraged to facilitate and enhance social interaction, a great deal of value can be created. But tread carefully. This savvy audience can be turned off if approached in the wrong way. Use these new tools properly and they’ll prove to be invaluable in your effort to strengthen existing customer relationships and capture the hearts and minds of new consumers.

The ebook is free to download.

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  1. nice ebook it’s help me out

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