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SEO lessons

Webmasters who are looking to improve the traffic of their site are embracing search engine optimization. They feel that by making their web site search engine optimized, they will increase search engine rankings and thus traffic. This line of thinking is correct, but the reality is, most webmasters who think they know search engine optimization really don’t. Not knowing SEO really hurts their web sites.

A bad SEO technique is as bad as not (more…)

In an earlier lesson, you learned about Google page rank. Now that you know exactly what it is, you’d probably like to boost your page rank. After all, your site has a low page rank and you find that to be unacceptable, so you want to do something to increase it. Many people have begun to market tools that you can use to increase the page rank. The vast majority of these tools are useless, however, and really do not benefit you at all. (more…)

You created a web site over a month ago and expected Google to index it pretty quickly. Much to your dismay, however, the site hasn’t been indexed yet. When you type the name of your site into the Google search engine, nothing comes up. This is quite frustrating to you because it means that (more…)

With the advent of the internet, selling software online became a pretty big business. Companies began to market their products online and sell them to interested consumers. However, since most people wanted to try the product before they bought it, the companies began to offer evaluation or trial versions of their products on free download sites. (more…)

In lesson 5: Gather more incoming links using directory submission, I spoke of gathering more incoming links by way of directory submission. This a fundamental concept in search engine optimization and most SEO savvy webmasters use it often. (more…)