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The quest for inexpensive and effective ways to drive more web traffic is never-ending for small to mid-sized e-commerce sites that lack the advertising budget to pay for massive pay-per-click and broadcast media campaigns.

Generic or “organic” search engine placement, long the customary supplier of new visitors for these types of web sites, is becoming more difficult to achieve as competition for the coveted “Top 10” search engine ranking heats up.

New strategies for marketers have been developing over time, and two of the top-rated contenders are now Search Engine Optimization (SEO) postings to search engines, web directories, and submission of SEO-based articles to the top article repositories.

Both of these techniques are used to create “backlinks” to the marketer’s web site which not only results in increased search engine placement, but brings new traffic directly to the site when surfers read the submitted content and click on the links embedded therein.

The only problem is: Both of these techniques require a large investment of time as there are hundreds of sites that are good candidates for creating those desirable backlinks.

And that’s where the German engineering comes in. Fastlink2, a Germany-based software engineering firm, has created two Windows-based software programs that automate the site and article posting process.

Website Submitter contains an interface enabling the user to describe their site once, including links, and then post the information to hundreds of search engine and directory sites. The list of available sites is updated regularly and the user saves hundreds of hours that would normally be spent locating these sites and submitting to each one individually. The software follows each site’s established posting rules so there is no chance of incurring any penalties.

Article Submitter is the company’s next generation of articles submission tool. It provides an authoring interface so the user can easily create and save articles and then submit those articles to the Internet’s top article directories. The submission site list is also updated regularly and each site’s posting rules are meticulously followed.

The end result is that users of both these tools can see a substantial increase in traffic without investing an inordinate amount of time doing it. Both products sell for U.S. $47 each, which is a tiny investment when compared to other alternatives.

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