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Newsletter advertising

13 Jan 2007
 written by Cristina Mailat | in: SEO services

On-line newsletter advertising is a particularly effective way to expose your business to thousands of qualified, interested customers. Whether your business is designed for a special niche market, or your products and services have a more general appeal, newsletter advertising with Submit Suite could seriously enhance your sales.

Newsletters have the advantage over other mediums, in that they contain items of interest to the consumer. This means that rather than annoying pop-­up adverts, or banner ads which are simply ignored, you can advertise where people want to browse. And what’s more, because of the subject matter of each online newsletter, you can identify the type of customer you’re likely to attract and target your ads accordingly, meaning you are more likely to reach the people that matter to your business.

At Submit Suite, our on-line newsletters currently have a readership of over 38,000 – ­ that’s 38,000 frequent readers, hooked by the relevant information we are supplying them. And what’s more, we can target your advert to correlate with the subject matter of each particular newsletter, giving you an excellent platform for targeting qualified, potential customers.

Specifically orientated and targeted to people who do business online, our newsletters are ideally suited for both B2B and B2C concerns. With an emphasis on quality, our newsletters are increasing in popularity month on month, giving you the opportunity to advertise within a growing, popular medium. With our solid and expanding membership base, you can benefit from presenting your business to highly relevant and interested customers, thanks to our newsletter advertising service.

Working with Submit Suite, you can help further establish the relevancy of your ad and help target segments within our readership which are most applicable. This means increasing advertising efficiency and improving return on investment. Rather than wasted ads, our newsletter advertising service ensures highly effective placement before those who make the difference, with an ultimate view on pushing sales and driving profits.

Choose Submit Suite’s service for your newsletter advertising and join the growing body of clients reaping the rewards of consistent and effective marketing. With Submit Suite, you can rest assured that your campaign will be nurtured and enhanced to provide a better yield from your advertising spend.

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