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Opt-in email advertising

14 Jan 2007
 written by Cristina Mailat | in: SEO services

Opt-in emailing lists have grown exponentially in popularity over the last five years. This can be easily attributed to the sheer success of this mechanism, which has now become the market standard, rather than an innovation. As more and more people learn the effectiveness of email marketing, it is becoming increasingly important to do it right to ensure that competitive edge.

The concept is fairly straightforward: encourage interested browsers to sign-up to an email list, allowing you to target products and services to them – ­ highly relevant and interested consumers. This means a stronger conversion rate and more efficient, cost effective marketing through the list.

At Submit Suite, we’ve already done the hard work for you, with over 150,000 on our opt-­in emailing list. That means in excess of 150,000 customers who want to learn about your products, who are interested in your services and who are waiting for your emails. With our opt in email marketing service, you can target those highly interested customers without having the expenditure and hassle of building the list first. On top of that, you can benefit from our experience in the area, resulting in more effective advertising exposure for your business.

Email marketing experts often cite that on average, you need seven dealings with a customer before they will part with their money. Through targeting our email opt-in list, you can build for yourself a database of customers, targeting a segment of our list time and time again, to build the rapport necessary to see results. By marketing products to declared interested parties, you can be sure your advertising spend is as efficient as it can be and your return on investment will speak for itself.

Whatever your product or service, we can help you target to consumers that really count within your market. With such a comprehensive list and diverse range of market knowledge and experience, Submit Suite are ideally placed to handle your email marketing needs.

Through utilising our extensive opt-in database, Submit Suite can ensure that your expectations as a client are met and your targets as a business are surpassed.

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