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Cost per click advertising

15 Dec 2006
 written by Cristina Mailat | in: SEO services

Cost Per Click advertising, (or Pay Per Click as it is sometimes known) is an advertising concept which is taking the internet by storm. Displayed predominantly through search engines, the basic principle behind Cost Per Click (CPC) is allowing adverts which attract website traffic to pay per “click-through” of a potential customer.

This means that your marketing spend is spread more efficiently, in that you are paying only for interested customers, within a highly targeted market segment. And the statistics speak for themselves, almost 40% of advertising spend online is through Cost Per Click advertising. Why? Quite simply, Cost Per Click advertising is more targeted towards actual customers by limiting your advert to appear only under certain keywords. This allows conversion rates that simply can’t be found anywhere else, online or offline.

Cost Per Click advertising is mainly channeled through search engines, who utilise their own searches to selectively target potential customers for advertisers. The system is particularly effective for both small-scale, product promotion and larger brand advertising campaigns, although both require a degree of strategic and tactical planning for successful implementation.

So why Submit Suite? Cost Per Click as a method of advertising is generally only efficient if you manage your campaign correctly. The world of Cost Per Click Advertising is a competitive place. There are various factors which can give rise to inefficiencies and cause escalating costs, ranging from sabotage (in the form of “click fraud”) through to attracting too many unqualified leads.

With Submit Suite’s Cost Per Click advertising, you receive expert consultation as far as determining your keyword categories are concerned, helping to identify and capitalise on cost-effective keyword categories. Additionally, you also reap the benefits of years of trial and error experience, along with raw market knowledge, which is simply invaluable to your business.

From planning to completion, Submit Suite’s Cost Per Click advertising service is both comprehensive and competitive, giving your campaign the edge needed to succeed online. With Submit Suite and our Cost Per Click services, you can really increase your chances of success with Cost Per Click Advertising and realise the impact of driving highly targeted, qualified traffic to your website.

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