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In lesson 5: Gather more incoming links using directory submission, I spoke of gathering more incoming links by way of directory submission. This a fundamental concept in search engine optimization and most SEO savvy webmasters use it often.

However, there is yet another way of acquiring more incoming links, and it’s something that is actually underused, at least at the moment. This is the method of gathering more incoming links using article submission. It’s highly effective and can increase your ranking quickly. You probably don’t quite understand how this works, and that’s OK, as it isn’t as popular of a SEO topic as it should be. We’ll tell you all about it in this lesson.

What is Article Submission?

Article submission is the act of writing an article and then submitting it to article directories or services. These directories then publish the article or submit it to various web sites and it is on the web. People, as well as search engine spiders, are then able to read the article and see any links contained in it.

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But What Does It Have to Do With Gathering More Links?

You might be thinking what is this crazy person talking about? How is article submission and gathering more incoming links related? Well, you’ll soon find out what I mean and why it’s such a big part of gaining more incoming links.

I spoke in the previous section about links being contained in articles. This is the connection between gaining incoming links and article submission. The whole purpose of submitting an article for SEO reasons is to get the links necessary to increase a site’s ranking. That’s the reason for doing article submission.

OK….But How Does It Work?

There is really a step by step process to article submission for SEO purposes. It’s best to follow the process so that you ensure the best benefits for your site. The step by step is listed below.

Step #1: What is Your Site?

You probably already know that internet spiders have been programmed to ignore irrelevant content and keywords. This applies not just to content on the site, but also to content outside of the site that happens to link to the site. You don’t want people reading an article and then having it be completely different from what your site is about. This is considered a black hat SEO tactic and will do your site no good.

Before writing the article, you should determine what your site is all about. Once you decide on that, you can go to the next step.

Step #2: Article Titles

Now that you know what your site is about, you can begin the process of article creation. If you have a site that is all about rock music, you could have articles written about the history of rock music, influences in rock music, top 10 greatest rock bands of all time etc. The point is to choose topics that are relevant to your site. Do this and you should be fine.

Step #3: Keywords

For every topic, you should come up with a keyword or perhaps two. These should be used in the article enough to make a difference. Usually a keyword density between 3-5% is considered excellent. You wouldn’t think that keyword usage in an article designed to gain traffic to your site is important, but it is. That’s because you want people (and spiders) to see the article, and the more keywords in the article, the better the chance is of them seeing it.

Step #4: Who’s Going to Write It?

If you’re on a budget, you might decide to write the article yourself. However, many webmasters instead opt for hiring someone else to do it. You might want to check a site like or and see if there are any writers there that you’d like to have write your article(s). You might also consider article writing and submission services. Whatever you decide on, make sure all the steps are followed.

Step #5: Write the Article

Now it’s time to actually write the article. When doing it, make sure it is enjoyable to read, informative and contains just the right amount of keywords. Also, try to incorporate links to your site into the article as often as it looks right. Don’t overuse the links, though, as it will distract readers and spiders from the main purpose of the article. One-three links is considered a good number.

Step #6: Submit the Article

It’s time to submit the article to the article directories. A popular choice is, though there are many other article directories to choose from. A list of 630 article directories based on Article Dashboard and another one based on Article friendly script is available in blog.

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  1. I feel while reading, really need to submit articles to the articles directories.

  2. Absolutely right, sometimes people doesn’t use article submission as a means of link building. But, contrary to that, it is an effective way to get linkbacks and direct traffic, considering that the article is very well written. Anyways, I appreciate you stating the steps, it will help others looking for ways to market their site. I’d also add that article titles should somewhat captivate readers, if you want them to read your content.

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