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Article submission experiment

08 Sep 2006
 written by Cristina Mailat | in: SEO services

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website is by writing and submitting relevant articles to article directories. By enhancing the image of your website and by offering invaluable search engine optimisation advantages, articles are a great way of improving the overall exposure of your business in a cost effective manner. Unfortunately, the article submission process can be particularly time consuming and laborious and even then, the procedure is different for each article directory.

Additionally, there are an ever increasing number of article directories and it is valuable to make sure you cover all the bases. That way, you can be sure you’re going to have the edge over most of your competition. Again, keeping track of all the directories that keep springing up and their submission requirements can be highly time consuming and you could easily eventually end up spending longer submitting your articles than actually writing them.

This obvious source of inefficiency can be cured by Article Submitter. Designed to automate the submission process, Article Submitter keeps up to date with the latest directory developments and knows exactly how to submit your articles within no time at all.

With an easy to use graphical user interface and unparalleled functionality, Article Submitter is an indispensable tool in the armory of any serious internet marketer. By submitting to more directories, you are improving the number of backwards links to your website, as well as increasing the exposure of your brand name through a diverse range of internet searches. Additionally, the knowledge expounded by your articles can reach its potential through extensive submission to over 255 article directories with the click of a button and drive traffic towards your website without the hassle and fuss normally associated.

And what’s more, Article Submitter continually keeps on top of the developments within article directories and their submissions procedures, as well as updating to deal with new article directories as they appear. With Article Submitter, you can be sure you’ll never miss an opportunity to submit your articles online.

Update on July 17th 2007:

Following the example on my previous test: How to get from PR0 to PR4 using only Directory Submission, I have done some experiments with an article I have published the last days. The article is named : Article Submission As Organic SEO Technique.

Here are the results of the tests:

Submission to article directories: 400 article directories using Article Submitter
Author profile: author profile contains 2 links to Submit Suite website
Indexed pages in Google with the article: 413

Search results positioning (extreme interesting) for the following phrases:

Article Submission As Organic SEO Techniquefirst position on Google and Yahoo
Article Submission Organic SEO Techniquefirst position on Google and Yahoo
Article Submission Organic Techniquefirst position on Google and Yahoo
Article Submission Organic SEOfirst page on Google and Yahoo
Article Submission Organicfirst page on Google and Yahoo
Organic SEO Technique 2 results on 1st page in Google, 1 result on 1st page in Yahoo
Article Submission SEO3rd page in Google

And these results in less then 14 days after the article is submitted.

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