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Always in forums the same questions pop-up:

  1. Is directory submission really working?
  2. Who can offer real results of a Google PageRank increase using directory submission?

Bought: end 2004, no content until 2006
Content: security directory (using phpLD) and a customized theme
Promotions applied: no effort

In October 2006 the website had no Page Rank, barely 5 visitors per day. Starting October 2006 we have used this website as pilot for our submission tests using Website Submitter.

What we have done?

  • We added multiple descriptions for the Defense Squad in Website Submitter
  • We added multiple titles ( anchor texts ) for the in the application
  • We used the directory for most of our directory submission tests ( see the screenshot )


With no other promotion but the link from our main website and the directory submission the website is ranked in 6 month as Google Page Rank 5. For about 3 month I have posted a thread about the fact that using only directory submission a website can easy get a Google Page Rank. Now I just proved the PR4 can also achieve.

Page Rank 4 for Defense Squad

Website Submitter screenshots:

Website Submitter directory selectionWebsite Submitter submission process

Published: 02 May 2007  by Cristina Mailat, in: SEO software Tags: , RSS feed for comments on this post.

18 comments to “How to get from PR0 to PR4 using only Directory Submission”

  1. I’m actively using your tools each day and visitors have definately jumped..

  2. It is definately true that you can achieve a PR4 from solely directory submission. Rather than submit to thousands of directories though, the same results can be achieved from submitting from a handful of quality ones. These may charge but they save you a lot of time and effort.

  3. Any kind, either free or paid directories.. i am sure anything would be really helpful in building links and get decent PR, and i have this experience for a lot of my own websites.

  4. I am just starting to use your directory submitter and article submitter. I have been using them a couple days now and so far no traffic or link change (expected) but I have seen many articles sites publishing my articles. Once the search engines scan again ill sure be up there.

  5. Hi Sam.

    First the articles will be visible in search engines after the keywords you choose. The first direct advantage will be the links back to your website with will bring visitors and also increase the PR.

    I have started to create a series of 20 free SEO Lessons, you can take a look at the first one: Lesson 1 – Introduction to SEO techniques.

  6. Yes , you can drag the visitors to your website with the help of directory submission.

  7. I submited my site to couple of directories about a month back.. now I am seeing the result! it really works awsome..

  8. Excellent piece of software 😉


  9. This definitely works! Submitted my sites, and are indexed with all the major search engines!


  10. Article Ghost Writer

    I am freelance article ghost writer, I used to publish, submit articles to various article directories.., I have long list of that…. its realy works… But i have never opted for any software to submit yet.

  11. thanks for the tips. I will try to see if I can improve my PR.

  12. Thanks for the discussion that is very important for me to help my personal site PR increase

  13. Hmm i always assumed that directory submission is dead

  14. What software are you using to submit to the directories?

  15. Have anybody tried it ?
    I want to use it for my newly launched site for Cooking Recipes.

  16. I have just got my first pagerank for my site 4 pages are at 1 and one at 2 i will give this a try to see if I can get to pr3 on the next update

  17. I can tell you from my experience that achieving PR4 is possible by doing directory submission only. But there must be a very good on site optimization done before you run any kind of marketing! Proof is one of my sites ( that reached PR4 in just 17 weeks.

  18. nice post,thanks for review i think its very helpful for me to get high pr and i will try this.

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