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Google Page Rank

Since the Google Page Rank Update from 26.10.2007 I have detect some major changes in the way the Page Rank is distributed over the directories from the Website Submitter. I have run some comparison in my tests. (more…)

Google Page Rank update for the end of 2007 is finally here. Changes are seen the datacenters 209.85.x 53 ip and is spreading as I can see quite fast. Until now I have seen for my websites at least 2 changes: – from PR0-> PR3 – from PR4 -> PR3 – from N/A -> PR2 – from PR1 -> PR3 from PR3 -> PR4

Check your pagerank using digpagerank on the above datacenter:

In an earlier lesson, you learned about Google page rank. Now that you know exactly what it is, you’d probably like to boost your page rank. After all, your site has a low page rank and you find that to be unacceptable, so you want to do something to increase it. Many people have begun to market tools that you can use to increase the page rank. The vast majority of these tools are useless, however, and really do not benefit you at all. (more…)

When you get past the beginning level of SEO ( see our Lesson 1: Introduction to SEO techniques ) , you’ll begin hearing about a lot of terms that are unfamiliar to you. Among these are Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank. These are topics of concern for web masters who want to ensure that their sites are doing good in search engine rankings. While both (more…)