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ESWC 2008

Second year in a row I was able to participate at European Software Conference ESWC (the last year ESWC 2007 took place in Germany, in Cologne). This time the location was Berlin, Germany, exactly in the middle of the Berlin at Maritim Proarte (my mistake, I booked at Maritim Hotel(without proarte) at 5-6 km, the good thing I was not the only one 😀 doing this mistake). (more…)

Free SEO AuditI am going to be at European Software Conference 2008 between 8-9th November and I am going to offer a Free SEO Audit and advices for ISV-s and microISV-s on the website they own. I will offer an 1 hr from my time for the SEO Audit (once I receive the forms completed) and 1 hr of my time for analyze and advices of your websites search optimization options you can implement. I will be at the ESWC on a table to offer the results of my research and my suggestions.

So if you are willing to take this offer send me some details about your website on the form on our search optimization service page. Also add the note for ESWC 2008 and I will make sure we will find time to analyze it until there.

I will take a maximum 5 websites for which I am going to suggest improvements.

Update: 4 places left