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OMD ( Online Marketing Duesseldorf ) 2007

23 Oct 2007
 written by Cristina Mailat | in: SEO news

OMD ( Online Marketing Duesseldorf ) 2007On 25 and 26 September 2007 we were present representing Fastlink2 and also Submit Suite at Germany’s leading exhibition for digital marketing – OMD ( Online Marketing Düsseldorf ) 2007 in nord Germany. After an OMD 2006 with 180 exhibitors and more than 6,600 visitors, the OMD 2007 had a bigger exhibition space, visitors and exhibitors.

So what was new this year?

I would say first a lot of companies and solutions for email marketing, starting with InxMail, emm-Xpress, EmailVision and finishing with companies like emarsys.

Why so many solutions for email marketing?

Basically because in Germany email marketing is treated as a serious part of marketing strategies, also somehow better regulated using special laws.

My favorite part was to see a lot of niche companies offering various type of services like:

– a German marketplace for textlinks – Teliad (they offer at this link a 10 euro reduction)
adtube – they offer a 25% reduction special for this event
– our friends from oneNetworkDirect were also there – thank you for the nice presents

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Advertising Solutions were also there with impressive stands. Here are 3 pictures I took at the stands of the biggest players in the search industry.

UPDATE – I was asked in SeopPedia forum to add some more details, rumors so here you go:

1. Mobile search and advertising was the theme of this year OMD, the solution and possibilities seems to grow overnight. Take a look at the presentation from mobile marketing association.

2. Some of the nicest gadgets I got were from DoubleClick. Besides some great reports on advertising trends we got some nice SB drives and T-Shirts

3. Last point. There was only one company as exhibitor presenting software solution. They present a software name SEOmetrie, but they were unable to show a live demo because “the software is not ready, we are 7 persons working for 3 years to it”. Hey guys wake up, we are forced to provide for Website Popularity monthly silent updates to keep up with the changes.
Google at OMD 2007

Yahoo at OMD 2007

MSN at OMD 2007

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