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Article Submitter database temporary solution

08 Sep 2007
 written by Cristina Mailat | in: SEO software

Article Submmitter is using for submission articles directories developed using Article Dashboard script. For 2 days these article directories are under attack and some of them are even hacked or down ( see the threads from article dashboard forum ).

We have release a temporary update for the database which contains only a small part of the directories, the ones not affected. Please use the build in functionality from Article Submitter and click on UPDATE to get the last version of the database ( containing only 215 article directories until the problem is solved).

update 05.11.2007:
We have started last week on the database cleanup, we have started from our list of 975 directories and we are almost 70% ready. Based on my estimation on 11.11.2007 we will have the new complete database up and running.

update 11.11.2007:
The new cleaned database is now launched. Article Submitter 2.0 has now a database of 712 directories ready to be used from the application.

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13 comments to “Article Submitter database temporary solution”

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated and updating the database.

    Best Regards
    Mr Walker

  2. When can we expect the database back to a larger size?

    I wish to start a new profile so will wait for the update.

  3. How long will this temporary solution last for. Most of the sites which were down are working fine now. I am sorry to say this but it is taking way to long time to sort this out.

  4. We have cleaned the database, on the weekend a new new version of the database will be released. Some new articles directories has been added to, so keep an eye on the updates on the main page or within the application.

  5. Thanks. I appreciate that. 🙂

  6. Was there an update this weekend. Want to know how long will this update take to happen. Also how many sites will be added to the software.

  7. Any updates to the software yet? Still Waiting

  8. I am not understanding what to click on to get the temporary update for Article submitter? Please give detais.

  9. Hey,

    I would like to know whether there has been any update to the software as yet. I am not happy with the 200 sites in here. There are plenty of sites on the Internet. I cannot just market to 200 sites and dream of a long lasting traffic. Let me know if there is at all going to be an update. Else will have to search for something else.

  10. On 11.11.2007 the cleaned database will come back into the application. In order to have the latest update you have to click on 11.11.2007 on the update button.

  11. With a day earlier the new database is launch. We have also launched the new version of Article Submitter 2.0 packed with 712 article directories.

  12. Where is the download address?

  13. On the download page 🙂

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