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I am pleased to let you know we are close to release the v5.0 of the Submit Suite applications. We have done small steps and we released Anunturi v5.0 (available only on and Feed Submitter v5.0.

Curious what Submit Suite v.50 will bring?

What will bring the version 5 of Submit Suite products?

  • At this point we have updates Feed Submitter, Anunturi and Article Spinner. In a really short time we will update also Article Submitter, Website Submitter, Press Release Submitter and Website Popularity (in these order, please check the release calendar at the end of the post).
  • The updates are ready, we are now polish the last changes for these applications
  • Cleaner databases. All applications will have a clean and stable database. For Feed Submitter we had around 7000 new suggestions and we accepted only 120 which allowed us to bring back the database at 200 feed sites and blog directories. A big THANK YOU for all your submissions which are welcomed at submission page.
  • We removed all the problems related to errors like “Resources not found”, “Invalid floating point operation”, etc which were caused mainly by Internet Explorer 9 ActiveX
  • We removed all the issues generated by the sites containing “new” JavaScript code ( for example Google Plus js scripts )
  • We add change the code to make the submission as stable as possible
  • Submit Suite applications are now delivered with a new digital signing certificate
  • Together with the v5.0 we changed some elements in the website (we are not offering anymore SEO services, we will concentrate only on software delivery). We are trying to make the process of trying a software and purchasing a software as easy as possible.
  • Together with version 5.0 we will have nightly build for the approved changes, that means we will be able to react much faster to requests or problems in the software

When I can get my v5.0 version?

Do you have suggestions or feature requests for v5.0? I am waiting your feedback bellow.